Situated on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in downtown Marquette, the historic Landmark Inn opened its doors in 1930. The full service hotel offered over 100 rooms until the 1970's. During that time the Landmark served as the social hub of Marquette. The hotel had famous guests fill it's rooms, some of which included, Amelia Earhart, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Abbot & Costello just to name a few. In 1982 the historic hotel closed its doors due to disrepair and lack of building maintenance.
It wasn't until 1995 that with new ownership, a major renovation and historic restoration project began. With the expertise of Karen Larson Interiors, the hotel was able to be completely restored, bringing life back into this lost gem. The original elements of the hotel that couldn't be refurbished were replaced by pieces that maintained the historic character and charm of the hotel. No two rooms in the Landmark are the same, each room is unique.



ROOM 413